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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment has become very important nowadays, and activated carbon is used for the consumption for the absorption of toxic substances and pollutants that are not easily bio-degradable, with the removal of micropollutants, COD and AOX (Absorbable Organic Halogens) colour and odor gaining steadily in importance.



CarbUSA activated carbon is crucial for the petroleum industry, ensuring purity in fuel, plastics, and pharmaceuticals. With our expertise, we offer optimal solutions for better yields, benefiting your company, consumers, and the environment. Choose us for unparalleled effectiveness and a well-rounded blend of advantages.

Biogas/RNG/ LFG​

Biogas/RNG/ LFG​

Biogas, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), and Landfill Gas (LFG) are sustainable energy sources derived from organic waste decomposition. They offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a circular economy.

Air & Gas

Air & Gas

CarbUSA offers CEVC-Series and customized solutions for OEMs in indoor air treatment, ensuring compliance with emission regulations. Their efficient products effectively treat contaminants, guaranteeing clean air and adherence to stringent standards at emission sources.

Precious Metal Recovery

Precious Metal Recovery

CarbUSA's CEGC Series Activated Carbon optimizes gold recovery, enhancing profits by minimizing losses and boosting yields. Derived from coconut shells using advanced gasifier systems, it boasts high porosity, specific adsorption properties for gold and silver, low platelet content, and excellent regeneration suitability for precious metal recovery processes.

Food & Beverages Industry

Food & Beverages Industry

Activated carbon, pioneered in the 1794 sugar industry, now finds diverse use. It's crucial in food processing, refining oils, purifying beverages like wine and beer, and managing color and taste. Tailored products ensure safety, from sugar syrup decolorization to beverage purification.

CarbUSA offers advanced activated carbon products and Solutions for wide range of industrial applications.

We manufacture Granular, Powdered and Pellet activated carbon products, along with value-added products including high-end catalytic, impregnated and acid-washed products. Additionally, we offer tailor-made products for specific applications and Carbon Molecular Sieves for gas phase applications.

Coconut shell based

Using our advanced, ecologically friendly technique, we create high-quality activated carbon from carefully chosen coconut shells.

Coal Based

With the help of our cutting-edge methods, we produce Low Ash counted Coal- based activated carbon, which is extensively utilized in applications for gas, water, and wastewater purification.

Wood Based

We make high-quality wood-based activated carbon that is perfect for the food and beverage sector as well as water by utilizing three key technologies: steam, phosphoric acid, and zinc chloride activation.

Our Services

Explore Our Services

In addition to the high quality products, CarbUSA always offers wide range of technical consultancy services covering from Designing stages to spent carbon removal / regeneration stages. These technical assistance and consultancy help our customers for efficient and cost-effectives uses of activated carbon.



Professional Advice and Technical Consultancy

Design, modification, and system selection for optimal use.


On-Site Service

Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting for efficient operations.


Return of Spent Activated Carbon

Collection, regeneration, and environmental sustainability.


Precise Lab Testing

Quality analysis with detailed reports for every shipment.


Optimum Solution

Tailored strategies for peak performance and efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Eco-friendly activated carbon products from CarbUSA cater to sustainable purification needs.

Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a versatile adsorbent with a high surface area, pore structure, and reactivity. It is widely used to purify, dechlorinate, deodorize, and decolorize both liquid and vapor applications in industries such as water purification, food grade products, cosmetology, automotive applications, industrial gas purification, and precious metal recovery. CarbUSA’s activated carbon products come in different forms like granulated, pelletized, powdered, impregnated, and catalytic activated carbon to suit specialized applications

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