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Our Applications

Product Form & Application

Our activated carbon has a strong capacity to filter undesirable by-products that frequently result from industrial processes and bottleneck output yields, remove toxins from other materials, even at the molecular level, and enable purer standards in the refinery of petroleum and precious metals, among many other capacities.

Our activated carbon can help from the smallest to the largest molecular level in the Adsorption and chemisorption processes. We provide several ready-made products to meet the needs of this wide range of applications, as well as the ability to create customized solutions to meet the needs of your specific use-case scenario.

Water Treatments

Water is the world's most valuable resource!

As the world’s population grows, efficient treatment of existing water supplies will become increasingly important.

We CarbUSA, are assured to work with our customers and drinking water industry partners to meet these new challenges. CarbUSA has a solution for enhancing the aesthetics of drinking water or complying with new regulatory limits

Our CEWC Series has been specially manufactured for,

Petroleum Industry

CarbUSA's activated carbon products,

along with our knowledge and experience in implementing these solutions, are your best choice for ensuring better, purer yields that are good for your company, your consumers, and the environment due to their well-rounded combination of benefits.

Because of its unparalleled effectiveness at eliminating contaminants to produce purer refined products, the petroleum industry, which produces fuel, plastics, and even pharmaceutical raw materials, is especially reliant on the use of activated carbon as an adsorbent.

Biogas/RNG/ LFG

Superior Purification With CarbUSA’s High-End Activated Carbon

Biogas, renewable natural gas (RNG), and landfill gas (LFG) contain several contaminants that can impede their effective use. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and siloxanes are particularly challenging. To improve the quality of these gases and ensure their compatibility with energy production and other uses, robust purification methods are essential. Activated carbon is a standout choice for contaminant removal, thanks to its porous nature and extensive surface area. CarbUSA has engineered high-performance products specifically designed for these applications.

Precious Metal Recovery

In Gold and Silver recovery processes, over 95% of the course carbon in service is steam activated coconut base carbon.

When it comes to gold recovery, every ounce counts as a monetary value. As a result, it is essential to choose an activated carbon that maximizes gold recovery. Our CEGC Series of Activated Carbon products for precious metal recovery help you maximize profits by reducing loss and increasing yield. Ceycarb Australia offers specially manufactured steam-activated coconut shell base carbon grades which are manufactured using high-quality charcoal by which produced from advanced high-tech gasifier systems. It is highly porous and has a very large area and specific adsorption properties toward gold and silver. Its very high hardness gives low losses during metal recovery and makes it suitable for multi regeneration. High gold adsorption capacity, gold adsorption rate, attrition resistance, low platelet content, strict size distribution and desorption ability in an elution circuit of these products give lots of advantages in precious metal recovery processes.

Food & Beverage Industry

We are what we eat and drink

Activated carbon is used to decolourize sugars, sweeteners, wines, edible oils, and other consumables, as well as to purify alcohol and glycerin; it can also be used to dechlorinate the process water used in bottling plants, purify the water, remove unwanted components and impurities, and change taste and colour. A common example is the decolourization of red wine with powdered activated carbon while making vermouth or white wine from dark grapes. In addition, we offer activated carbon for other beverage industry applications such as decaffeination of tea and coffee, carbon dioxide purification, and inlet water treatment.